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Saree Packing

Indian wedding saris & bridal wear can be neatly folded in unique shapes like kite, fan, boat, peacock etc and beautifully packed in the suitcase with flowers & other decorative items. We have a good talent pool specialised in Saree Packing for wedding gifts to the couples and their families. They are uniquely designed as per the custom and fashion of Indian society. Our clients can also suggest whatever design and fabric they want. Our products are available in a range of attractive designs to suit occasion.

Gifts are a common element in any social functions, more so in wedding ceremonies. The culture has remained same; however some of the related aspects have definitely witnessed some drastic changes. Presentation and packaging are considered as value addition to the gifts. Our ideas are classy and in tune with latest fashion trends. The services include decoration and packaging of wedding sari and other items of the wedding trousseau into neatly packed suitcases.

If the saree is a gift item, then it need not be displayed openly. There are many interesting and creative ways in which it can be packed. A decorated and colorful packing box or even a plain one but wrapped in paper and tied with ribbons and lace can be the simplest of packages. The saree should be folded in a practical way with its corners tucked in but made to look attractive by accessorizing it.

The different materials of sarees require the same packing technique, but delicate materials like silk, brocade or tissue (a delicate Indian cloth) need special care. Sarees that have embroidery or embellishments also need special packing so the embroidery does not age or wear out with time. Ideally, a saree with gold or silver embroidery work should be packed in an air-tight plastic bag so the embroidery does not become discolored. For silk thread embroidery, the same rule applies, although wrapping and packing in a soft cotton cloth is also a good idea.

Now a day, gift packing styles include embroidered sari bags, bead works decorated mirror plates and creatively designed jewelry boxes. Traditional gifts like golden thaals, baskets, trays and boxes are used as bases to wrap wedding trousseau.

New innovative ideas and designs have made bridal trousseau packing even more appealing and something to cherish for a long time.